Lisa’s Guide to Weird Chemo Side Effects

Chemo Hiccups…

Who knew?

Before I started treatment, I loaded up on ginger ale thinking that is something I can always tolerate even if everything is yucky. Nope – there is actually such a thing as chemo hiccups and a sip of ginger ale will set them off for three days straight.


Chemo Ears

I can hear my heart beating in my ears constantly, even louder when I’m anemic. It’s called pulsatile tinnitus (if you’re classy).

Though it might be all those years listening to drummers. And I can’t say y’all didn’t warn me.


Some days I get so anemic I can barely walk.

My friend Jill offered to make a sign for me saying “DON’T CALL THE POLICE. I’M JUST RESTING.”


Chemo Tongue

Actually, don’t ask. Just know that it’s a thing.



Chemo Fog

I’m probably foggy and vague most of the time, but I actually like the notion of being lost in a fog rather than goofy and forgetful.


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