I’m retired now, but can’t quite let go of my website yet…

Here are some things I used to do.

River Advocacy

Award-winning nonprofit events

Conferences and Workshops

Concerts, Performances, Ceremonies

Government Relations and Public Meetings

Denver Startup Week

Young Professionals Groups

Weddings and Glorious Celebrations

Children’s Events

Speaker Events

(and the speakers don’t have to like each other)

Here are some people saying fabulous things about me.

That’s what you’re supposed to put on your website, right? 

Ron Miles, Colorado Music Hall of Fame Inductee

“This evening was one of the most extraordinary concerts I’ve ever been a part of and it was your spirit that set the tone and gave the show its heart.”

Mark Smith, East West Partners / Slifer Smith & Frampton

“That was kickass!

Great job. Couldn’t have been better. Thanks for everything and hope it was a success for the Foundation. You are the best!”

Dana Crawford, Urban Neighborhoods

“Beautiful event! You are the magician of all time!”

Brian Corrigan, Creative Placemaking Strategist

“From strategy to execution, Lisa is your person. (And she’s super fun, too.)”

Clients and Causes